Sketch daily: a Tengu boy
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My drawing slave muse is back <3

people on commission for people on deviantART

suddenly, Logan/Jackman :’D

such a random Tai Li

"The Jump" by Charles Huettner [HERE]
This short is part of the LATE NIGHT WORK CLUB [HERE]
in the project GHOST STORIES
Check all that work out folks, it’s wonderful, and I kind of ADORE this thing in particular.

(via phobs-heh)

Playin’ with Fire
[such WIP very rough]

#WIP  #animation  #FX  #fire  

"If my left hand was zombie."

even the same nocturnal hanting presences
[i think i officially have feels for this guy pfffrt]

F-from childhood with l-love

hello cutie

WOOO my last month animation chall- DON’T WANNA SEE IT ANYMORE